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Home by Karen and Nancy


Johnny’s thoughts as he makes his way home to Lancer on Christmas Eve…


Silently night falls around me, the dusk rushes on by,
Snowflakes melt upon me and I breathe out a weary sigh.
Icy winds howl in torment as they bluster along,
I listen and lose myself in their eerie winter song.

Darkness frames the distant oasis of light,
Blithe the lamps and candles burning ever bright.
A beacon of warmth that calls out to me by name,
Love that beckons to me through each frosted window pane.

Voices raised in the chorus of a joyful song,
Merry and lilting they lift and carry me along.
A smile settles on my tired and frost burnt face,
As my eyes drink in this bounty of heavens grace.

The soft lowing of cattle takes me back some thousand years,
To a time when a mother shed silent blissful tears.
Rejoicing as she held her newborn son to her breast,
A humble stable where the Holy family finally came to rest.

I carry in my heart the hope born that first Christmas day,
Forgiven my dark past I let love now guide my way.
Today celebrations and traditions warm this once bleak soul,
Together with cherished loved ones I am finally made whole.

Now I listen outside the wreath bedecked door,
As once again the carollers in praise let their voices soar.
Humbly I close my eyes and offer up a silent prayer,
For bringing me home… for Christmas…for the love that awaits me there.



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