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A Sense of Family by Ellen K.

Word Count 410


As I lay here in the hour before dawn, it’s too dark to see past my hand so I let my other senses take over, senses that have kept me alive most of my life. The slightest sound would have me jumping almost out of my skin. Certain smells still make me sick to my stomach as they take me back to a past I would much rather forget.

The sounds coming from beyond my room are not new to me, I’ve heard them before. Horses nickering, chicken rustling around their pen, birds waking to meet the light are heard though out this big world. The sounds new to me are the light tread of my “sister” as she makes her way to the kitchen, the slight banging of pans while breakfast is being prepared. As I lay here I am slightly overwhelmed of the sound of heavy footfalls. Oh I have heard those before also, but not the ones of my father and brother. Somehow these sound different yet familiar, giving me a sense of trepidation and of peace.

While I take advantage of the little time I have before his bellow to get down there, I let the feel of the sheets remind me of the good things in life. Whoever would have thought that the simple feel of clean, soft sheets would affect me in such a way. I have slept in clean beds before, so why would the smell of lavender make such a big difference?

The smells working their way under the door make my stomach growl. Why do the meals here taste better than any other place in the world? They are simple meals, mostly beef of course, a little heat added to certain dishes. Is it because they are eaten at a certain time each day? Is it because they are shared with these people who are my family? Is the meal better because it is eaten in mostly peaceful atmosphere? An occasional disagreement will cause one or other of us to leave the table unsatisfied.

As I prepare to rise, I hear the voice of the tune caller say good morning to the ladies in the kitchen. It is time to face the day. It is time to face these people called family. Whoever would have thought I would have a family? And look at the one I ended up with.

Ellen Keller


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3 thoughts on “A Sense of Family by Ellen K.

  1. Wonderful.
    Johnny begins to settle in and recognize things he has never experienced before.
    Well written. Thank you


  2. Wonderful story, Ellen!!! You have a beautiful way of writing how Johnny is feeling about his new life and family. I hope you have more gems to share with us.
    Sally Jo


  3. Nice little story. I could almost hear the morning sounds with Johnny and feel his wonder if having home and family


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